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Holiday Fat Loss Action Plan – The Pep Talk

Here we are again. November and December. Over the next two months you have family events, holiday parties, Christmas shopping, turkey cooking, present wrapping, light hanging, and carol singing. You will be busy. Without a doubt, you will get easily distracted from your goals.

Reboot! Action Plan to Getting Back on the Weight Loss Track

Fall is quickly approaching and you might of gotten of track with your weight loss goals this summer. It’s okay! It happens. You get busy with weekends at the lakes, fire pit nights, street dances, and all the good stuff summer brings. Now that summer is coming to an end, it’s time to start getting you back on track!

Fat Loss Secret: Don’t Judge a Scale By It’s Number

You just started a weight loss routine, your first two weeks you’ve dropped 10 – 15 pounds and your doing awesome! And all of a sudden your in your third week the scale doesn’t seem to budge. You still feel great and clothes are fitting better, but your weight isn’t going down. What the heck is going on?

Fat Loss Action Plan

If you are like most people the first of the year signifies new change in your life. Blindly making goals without taking action doesn’t get you very far. This is how to take action and make it happen!