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See Studio Information, Open Hours, Class Schedule, and Pricing below.

For inquires, please email: hello [at] joefitness.com


Welcome to joefitness, where we're not just another big box gym. Our exclusive fitness studio is designed to help busy moms, dads, and professionals achieve their fitness goals in a customized and convenient way.

Our expert coach, Joe, has over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry and specializes in exercise psychology. With his guidance, we create personalized workout plans and provide nutrition guidance to help you achieve your best results.

Our 30-minute group exercise classes are perfect for those who want a quick but effective workout, and our workout app allows you to track your progress and stay on track.

At joefitness, we pride ourselves on being a small and exclusive space, offering a personalized experience that isn't available at the busy fitness zoos.

Join us at joefitness and experience a unique approach to personal training that will help you reach your fitness goals and transform your life.

Our Location

4201 38th St S Unit F
Fargo, ND 58104

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Studio Hours

Days Morning Noon Afternoon
Monday 11 - 1pm 3 - 630pm
Tuesday 530 - 7am 11 - 1pm 3 - 630pm
Wednesday 530 - 7am 11 - 1pm 3 - 630pm
Thursday 530 - 7am 11 - 1pm 3 - 630pm
Friday 530 - 7am 11 - 1pm
Saturday 730 - 9am
Sunday Closed
Members are able to work out any time during studio hours.

Class Schedule

Monday 430pm, 530pm
Tuesday 530am, 430pm, 530pm
Wednesday 530am, 430pm, 530pm
Thursday 530am, 430pm, 530pm
Friday 530am
Saturday 730am Strength , 830am Circuit
Sunday Closed

Our 30 minute classes feature a variety of formats designed to push your strength, endurance, and overall fitness! Each day we feature a different class and format keeping your workouts fresh and challenging!


Package Includes Price
One Month Trial Try the Elite Package for One Month $49
Essentials Unlimited Classes $99/month (6-month commitment) or $129 month to month
Elite Personalized Workouts & Coaching* + Classes $129/month (6-month commitment) or $149 month to month
Exclusive Private 1-on-1 Coaching (2x Week) $1200/month
*Members are able to work out any time during studio open hours.