Enough of the
never-ending fad diets
calorie counting
and mindless binging.

It's time to take control.
Time for something different.

Nutrition Coaching
by joefitness

Expert Coaching
This isn't another diet plan. No fake, boxed food to buy, pills to swallow, or bad-tasting shakes to drink. We focus on teaching you balanced, healthy, and life-long nutrition habits. This is daily accountability coaching from an expert aimed getting you to a lean, healthy, and happy life!

100% Online
No office visits needed. Our coaching is delivered completely online. Everything is optimized to be easily used on your smartphone. When you need a little support from your coach, we are just a video call, text, Facebook message, or email away!

12-Month Curriculum
No confusing plans to follow. We don't just dump information on you and hope you learn it. We deliver small daily lessons to help you build solid nutritional habits. Along with the daily lessons and habits, we check your progress every other week.

Daily Accountability
Every day you check-in with your coach. Every two weeks we give you an essential habit we want you to work on each day. Along with that habit, we give you a short, daily lesson to help you better achieve that new healthy habit! Imagine what we can do in a year!

Precision Nutrition
Powered by the best! Our nutrition coaching platform is designed by the best nutrition coaching organization in the industry! Over 100,000 people have gone through the PN coaching platform and we're bringing that exact same coaching to you!

Small Changes, Big Results
We use what is proven to work. The practices, skills, and habits you will be taken through during your 12-month course is the based on the latest behavior change science.

We coach your habits.
Your habits become automatic.
You become healthy, happy, and lean.

We get it. You've tried a million different diets. Some of them were fads, some of them were crash diets, and maybe some of them it seemed like you were just starving yourself. Some of these diets may have worked for awhile and maybe some of them didn't work at all.

We coaches have certainly tried many of these diets. And we think that we can all agree that many of these diets just don't work.

So let's back up: Why do these diets fail in the first place?

Well, the answer is simple. These diets don't address the underlining issue: habits.

Your habits and behaviors are affected by your emotions, your lifestyle, your job, your spouse, your kids, and even how much sleep you get. They're automatic. You don't think about them, you just react to the situation and go.

No wonder why trying to follow a diet plan doesn't work. That diet plan can't possibly account for how you're feeling on a particular day or what day's you run late at work and need something quick to make for supper. In most of these moments, you automatically default to bad habits. That's why we need to reprogram your habits instead of trying to follow some complicated, impersonal meal plan.

Our coaching isn't a diet plan. Our coaching goes after those habits. We practice new habits every few weeks. As these new habits become established, we work on the next habit. After awhile you'll notice that your old bad habits have disappeared.

Here's the key: We take the time and practice these habits.

Just like a basketball coach has her players practice the fundamentals at the beginning of the season, we do the same with our coaching. We work on the fundamentals. We make those fundamentals automatic. And just like a basketball coach would practice plays, teach schemes, and practice scenarios to play their opponents in games, we do the same with nutrition. We get you ready to make automatic healthy choices in real-world scenarios.

That's what having a nutrition coach is all about. Having someone that can lead you from the fundamentals to the total command of your nutritional skills and provide you with a lifetime of living healthier, happier, and lean.

Does that sound like something you'd like to do?

Expert Coaching.
Daily Accountability.
Proven Results.
Quick Look At Our Coaching Curriculum
Along with practicing habits, we give you daily lessons to reinforce those habits. What do we teach you? Here's a quick look at our curriculm!

Weeks 1 - 4
Learning how our program works.
Getting to know us and more importantly you!
Writing your owner's manual
Learning the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger
Weeks 5 - 8
Basic Portion Control
Kitchen Makeover
The basics of lean protien
Easy ways to eat more protein

Weeks 9 - 12
Making smart carb choices
How to eat more vegetables without hating it
Basics of cooking veggies
Carb cooking skills
Weeks 13 - 16
Eating healthy fats
How eating fat gets you lean
PN Friendly Meals
Kitchen Fundamentals

Weeks 17 - 20
Keeping yourself consistant
How to track what you eat without keeping a log
Don't count on calories
Weeks 21 - 24
How to drink less calories
Tea or coffee?
Take a break, it won't hurt you
Halfway. Wahoo!

Weeks 25 - 28
The importance of sleep and weight loss
How to recover the right way
Learning to eat whole foods
Shopping for whole foods
Weeks 29 - 32
Getting a little better each day leads to big results
Balancing your meals
Mastering meal prep

Weeks 33 - 36
Mastering cravings
Know yourself
Food and relationships
Deciphering the never ending stream of fitness information
Weeks 37 - 40
Hormones, Hunger, and the scale
Finding your fitness focus
Do less, Win more

Weeks 41 - 44
Writing your own fitness story
Getting your head right
Ignoring the noise
Be the best you
Weeks 45 - 48
How to maintain your success
The feast challenge
Taking your ultimate success photos

Weeks 49 - 52
Paying it forward
Inspiring others to be fit to keep yourself fit
How to keep your results coming
You did it - Crossing the Finishline
We coach you.
You practice.
A recipe for success!
Let's take a tour of how our coaching works!

Everyday you login and simply tell us if you did your habit for that day. Every few weeks we give you a new habit we want you to focus on.

We give you some simple insights on how to accomplish these habits so that they become automatic!

Along with that habit we give you a 5-minute daily lesson to build on to that habit.

Like we said before, this course is designed for you! When we get started we do a comprehensive analysis of you!

We do a quick assessment every other week making sure that you're understanding what we're teaching and that you're able to apply it.

Every couple of weeks we check your progress! Don't worry we won't make you take progress pictures, but we certainly encourage it. By the way ANYTHING you share with your coaches is confidential.

All of these habit and lesson cards can be found daily on your personal dashboard that you can easily use on your mobile device or computer.

This dashboard is where you track all of your progress.

We (your coaches) track all of your progress and check-in on you to help you with your progress.

We will be giving you feedback constantly, on lessons, progress checks, habit check-ins, and even just to say "hey, good job!".

Common Questions

How much does it cost?
The cost is $45/month for 12 months.

Is there a contract?
You can cancel at any time. We do ask you to commit to the entire 12-month program in order to get it's full benefits. However, we don't have you sign a contract. More like a "I promise to trust my coach, do my best, and not quit if I get frustrated" contract. If you simply don't like our coaching or extraordinary circumstances arise during the year, contact us and we can cancel or adjust your coaching with us.

Do you give us a meal plan to follow?
Good question! Short anwser is no. What we do is help you build a "meal plan" for your lifestyle and preferences. Over the course of the year, you will have developed a solid base of good eating habits and that will include knowing what to eat and when to eat it.

I am a vegetarian, is this program for me?
Yes! Our focus is on establishing healthy and lasting habits. Our focus isn't on telling you what proteins you HAVE to eat. We can certainly work with vegetarian and vegan diets!

Didn't find the answer you were looking for?
Feel free to contact me via email: joe [at] joefitness.com or call us: 701.446.8303

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