The Supplement Myth – The Truth About Diet Pills

You’re desperate and you want to shed those stubborn twenty pounds. You have tried dieting, exercising, and eating nothing but grapefruit for a week. One day at the grocery store and you walk down the organic aisle and you see a bright colored bottle that says “Shed twenty pounds instantly!” or “Get Ripped, Be Sexy”. Heck, the pills are only thirty bucks and they’re going give you a six pack, so you buy them! Now the truth about those silly little pills:

What’s in them?

The primary ingredient in most diet pills is caffeine (or some form of stimulant). Forget about all the “proprietary blends” on the ingredient label, one way or another, caffeine is the primary ingredient. Caffeine is a stimulant, stimulants accelerate the body’s metabolic processes. By speeding up the metabolic process, the body needs to consume more energy. Yes, fat happens to be a form of energy. So this is good right? Wrong! Your body is an amazing machine; it is constantly remaining in a state of balance, called homeostasis. What happens when your body becomes over stimulated from diet pills is it has to counter act by slowing down, and this is the “crash” you may experience. This crash is part of the reason why diet pills don’t work. Your body’s metabolism speeds up and then it slows way down to recover, and then a few hours later, you take more to speed it up again. It’s like taking two steps forward and three steps back!

They cost what?

Some of these pills can cost upwards to $40 – 50 (or more) a bottle and most bottles only contain around a three to four week supply. That’s about the same cost as a gym membership! Save your cash and spend it on something healthy, like fruit and vegetables or even hire professional help.

Low, Low Quality

The dirty little secret about diet pills is that they are created with the idea of making lots and lots of moolah. The cost to make just one bottle of these little suckers is well below $1. The profit margin on diet pills (other supplements as well) is extremely high. To increase the profit margin even more, supplement companies contract manufacturers in third world countries to assemble the pills at bottom dollar.

Since the supplement industry is so flipping huge, the FDA (Food & Drug Association) cannot not possibly regulate any or all of the supplements sold in the United States. Because of this, supplement industries are less worried about quality of their product. Random sampling of diets by independent companies have showed trace amounts of arsenic, feces, and even small amounts of cyanide.

“How to get lean, sexy abs”

Fat loss is a systematic response to the body’s need for energy. The more energy your body requires, the more fat your body will burn. How do you get your body to burn more energy? Sorry to state the obvious, but you need to exercise! By slightly increasing your muscle mass, you can increase the amount of energy your body requires, thus you burn more fat. Ladies, I’m not telling you need to look like a bodybuilder. Slightly increasing your muscle mass will keep you looking lean and sexy.Save your money, save your time, diet pills are not worth it. Continue working out and focus on making progress week by week, and you will have the body you desire!

Any experience with diet pills? Good/bad?

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The Camera Phone Diet

What if I told you that you are carrying around the ultimate dieting device? Well chances are that you have one near you right now! That’s right, your cell phone!

Most cell phones now have some sort of camera on them. This camera can be used as the ultimate diet tool. Before we talk about how, let us back up and explain why it will work.

Keep a food log if you want to lose weight

If there is one thing that I would have everyone do to lose weight, it would be to keep track of what they are eating. Now I’m not talking about tracking every single calorie that goes into your body, just simply documenting what you eat can make the biggest difference in ones diet.

I find a lot of my new clients that have struggled with losing weight simply don’t know how much food they are eating. Many of them have even told me that they have tried “dieting” but it had failed to produce results. When I ask if they could write down everything they ate in the last 48 hours, many of them scratch their head and are unable to do it. Then I ask:
How can you be on a diet if you don’t know what you are eating?

Problems with keeping a food log

Many of my clients have complained that keeping a food log is difficult habit to get into. I suspect this is mostly because their meals are squeezed into their busy schedules and they are having hard time writing down their food. The other issue they run into is that they do not like carrying a food log notebook around with them everywhere.

Enter the camera phone

Your camera phone can help solve these problems by acting as your food log. Before you eat your meal just snap a picture of it. At the end of the day or when you have time to get your food log caught up, go through and review all your pictures. I do not suggest going more then one day without reviewing all your meals. If you start going several days without updating your log you may start to miss details about certain meals. Also, part of keeping a food log is the awareness you create of the amount of food that you are consuming, simply taking a picture and forgetting doesn’t help this.

How to make dieting with a camera phone easier

One thing I find that makes food logging easier with camera phones is setting up your phone to email the picture to yourself. By emailing the pictures to yourself makes it easier to review all your meals at the end of the day. Another tip is to add notes to the image such as how much food you ate, where you ate the food, the mood you were in when you ate the meal, and any condiments you might have added.

Keeping a food log can be difficult, however by simply using a camera phone, you can make it a lot easier!

Superhero’s Guide To Fat Loss

The other night I saw the movie Iron Man 2 (old article) and it got me thinking that there are a lot of similarities between superheroes and getting the body you wish and living the life you want. I’m not talking about becoming this super muscle bound, costume wearing person that jumps off buildings to save the day, I am talking about the everyday person that stays in shape and recognizes that their health is vital to their wellbeing. These characteristics are critical to not only losing weight, but also living a lifestyle you desire.
These are the essential traits of a superhero:


If there is one thing every superhero has, it is confidence. A superhero is sure of their abilities, they believe in themselves, and they do not fill their thoughts with self-doubt. Be confident! You are in control of your lifestyle and your body. There is no reason you should feel down about yourself. If you lack confidence, work on getting it first.
Superhero Tip: Write down the following mantra and read it out loud over and over every day: “I am who I am, I do what I do, I am in control”


What’s a superhero without fans? After all, what is a superhero if there is nobody to save. Surround yourself with fanatics that do nothing that cheer you on and praise you for all your hard work. Your social support group will be one of your biggest influences, so choose them wisely.
Superhero Tip: Distance yourself from cynics. Negativity is toxic and addictive.


Being a superhero may not be the most glamorous job, so it takes a lot of guts to keep going in the face of adversity. Getting the body that you want takes a lot of work. Changing your physique takes lifestyle changes. Change may mean giving up things you may not want to give up. It is at these times you have to remind yourself why you are doing what you are.
Superhero Tip: Write down exactly what living the way you want means to you, read it out loud every day.


Every superhero has a weakness, but a true superhero recognizes their weakness and learns how to deal with it. Ice cream is my kryptonite. So, once a week I allow myself to have just a little bit, this curbs my cravings and keeps me healthy. Don’t avoid your weakness, confront them.
Superhero Tip: Understand you are not perfect and you don’t need to be perfect, just good enough to get the job done.
If you can learn to be like a superhero, you can have the body you desire and live you desire. This may not come easy to everyone, but simply recognizing areas that need change may make the biggest difference.

Now are you ready to be a superhero?

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