3 Moves for a Lean Core

Getting abs isn’t all about just doing crunches and situps. Your abs are just a small portion on your core muscles. So forget the crunches (for now) and focus on these three awesome core exercises!

Bird Dogs
Starting on your hands and toes, touch your right elbow on your left knee, and fully extend your arm and leg.

Make it Burn: Hold on to a light weight (3 or 5 lbs) while you complete the whole exercise.

Side Plank with Reaches
Starting in a side plank position, reach your free hand underneath your body as far as you can. Complete the movement by extending your arm above your body.

Make it Burn: As with the bird dogs, grab a light weight and complete the whole exercise.

Toe Touches
Start on your back, reach your right hand and left leg to meet over your body. You should keep your hips on the ground and lift your shoulder blade off the ground to touch your toe.

Make it Burn: Just like the two above you can hold on to a light weight while you complete the exercise.

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