4201 38th Street S
Unit F, Fargo, ND

Expert Coaching
Whether you are working out in our classes or rocking your results with our personalized workout sessions, our expert coaching is always there to guide you to success!

Small Groups
Nobody likes a crowded gym. At joefitness all of our classes and training sessions are conducted in small groups focused on the same goals as you!

Unlimited Classes
You get unlimited access to all of our expert designed butt kicking classes!

Nutrition Coaching
Our coaching doesn't stop at the our front door. We provide all of our clients with expert nutrition coaching designed to develop healthy and productive habits!

Time Efficient
We know your time is valuable, that's why we design each workout to get the most out of the time you have!

Any Fitness Level
The great thing about our workouts is we can scale them to any level. So if you're a beginner or an advanced marathon runner, our experts can make sure you get results!

Classes and Programs

The joefitness bootcamp is a group exercise class that packs a combination of the best fat burning exercises from high intensity interval training (HIIT), body weight exercises, weight training, and other types of workouts. Our classes are always 30 minutes long and we make sure that's all you need! You'll never get bored with bootcamp because we keep the class constantly varied to keep you on your toes and make the most of each workout.
Feel the burn with our 30 minute contact kickboxing class! There are no 30 second breaks between the sets in this class, you'll keep moving, kicking, punching, and ducking! Don't worry, if you're just starting out we can scale it to whatever level works for you!
Personal Training
Personal Training at joefitness works hand and hand with our bootcamp classes. Our personal training sessions put a personal touch on your fat loss workouts, we focus on you, and your results. Need some nutrition help? Joe and Jill will keep you on track with your diet goals to make sure you get most out of your hard work! See our personal training schedule here.

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You get the same experience as our rockstar members!
  • Unlimited Access To All Of Our Classes
  • Results Coaching Session To Get Your Goals on the Right Path
  • Expert Coaching to Make Sure You Get The Support You Need
  • BONUS #1 Nutrition Quickstart Guide
  • BONUS #2 30-Day Introduction of our Nutrition Coaching Program

In south Fargo, we are located at 4201 38th St S. You can find us on the 38th Street frontage road that runs along the west side of Interstate 29. Our gym is located on the west side of the South Park Plaza building (back of building closest to the road). Look for a big garage door in the middle of the building with a "joefitness" sign on it.
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Coaching focused on you.

Membership Packages
After your 30-day trial we have these options for you:

  • Unlimited Classes
  • Results Strategy Sessions
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Custom Nutriton Quickstart Guide

  • 3x/Week Customized Workout Sessions
  • Individualized Program design written specifically to your needs
  • Program Updated every 4 - 6 weeks based on your progress and results
  • Unlimited Classes
  • Results Strategy Sessions
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Custom Nutriton Quickstart Guide