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"Personal Training & group exercise classes that get you the best fat loss results in Fargo Moorhead!"

Unlimited Classes
You get unlimited access to our 100+ per month butt kicking bootcamp classes! Take as many classes as you like!

30 Minutes
All of our classes are 30 minutes, so you can get a great efficent fat loss workout and go on with your day!

No Contracts
We know if you love us, you're gonna stay, so we never lock you into a contract!

Two Weeks Free
You don't pay a thing for your first two weeks. So what do you got to lose? (besides maybe a few pounds) Give it a try!

The great thing about our workouts is we can scale them to any level. So if you're a beginner, no worries!

No Crowds
No one likes walking into a busy gym. At our studio you'll only be working out with other bootcampers.

Membership Packages and Prices

Free 2 Weeks
Pay nothing and try us for free for your first two weeks! Start today!

Get unlimited access to all our 100+ monthly bootcamp and kickboxing classes! Pay month to month with no contracts or start-up fees!

Basic Plus
Get unlimited access to all our bootcamp classes and then take it to the next level with 4 personal training sessions (1 session per week)!

Get unlimited access to all our bootcamp classes and then take it to the next level with 8 personal training sessions (2 session per week)!

Classes and Programs

The joefitness bootcamp is a group exercise class that packs a combination of the best fat burning exercises from high intensity interval training (HIIT), body weight exercises, weight training, and other types of workouts. Our classes are always 30 minutes long and we make sure that's all you need! You'll never get bored with bootcamp because we keep the class constantly varied to keep you on your toes and make the most of each workout.

Personal Training
Personal Training at joefitness works hand and hand with our bootcamp classes. Our personal training sessions put a personal touch your fat loss workouts, we focus on you, and your results.

Feel the burn with our 30 minute contact kickboxing class! There are no 30 second breaks in between the sets in this class, you'll keep moving, kicking, puching, and ducking!

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